Re-Emergence: Choose Your Own Adventure

We have been engaging in the largest social experiment in the history of humanity – we shut our society down because of a pandemic and withdrew into quarantine. And now, we are tackling a new social experiment: re-emergence. We can’t go back to the way things were exactly; the past is done. But what do we want to resurrect or keep? What do we want to create anew?

Momentum is a powerful thing. One of the greatest gifts of the pandemic was that it interrupted our momentum. This can take us down two different tracks: 1) We have greater clarity on what we most value and want to keep, and/or 2) We see more clearly what we don’t want to keep or perpetuate. This could include habits, activities, relationships, etc. that are no longer in truth and alignment.

We get to keep all that we want to keep… and we don’t have to perpetuate anything that’s no longer true for us. That is a gift.

As we un-pause, we get to consciously choose – from who we are today – the kinds of lives we want to live, the kinds of relationships and communities we want to have. We get to choose how we want to experience work, self-care, exercise, and more. Chances are, you’ve grown and changed significantly in the last year, in ways that are subtle or obvious. The choices you are called to make might be slightly different, significantly different, or maybe they’ll be the same – except this time, you will approach those choices with new eyes, perhaps with more gratitude and appreciation.

To create a new life, you can be grounded and creative, realistic and visionary at the same time. You get to feel into a different way of being. So consider these approaches as you move forward…

Feel the qualities of the life you want to have.

Life doesn’t just manifest from thought. I’ve seen repeatedly that life manifests more from what we feel.

  • What’s the feeling of the relationships or community you want to have?
  • What do you want to feel at work?
  • What do you want to feel in your daily life?

Let Wisdom guide you.

Most likely, many of your past choices were on autopilot from habit, momentum, or conditioning. It’s helpful to connect to real-time insight you have today.

  • What does your inner wise adult see today?
  • How does Wisdom guide you?
  • What are the principles that guide your life now?

Stay grounded in spiritual abundance.

Many of my clients report that they had more time this year to sit in meditation or engage in spiritual practice.

  • How can you maintain the richness and abundance of that intimacy with Divinity as you get busier and life gets more full again?
  • What practices are in the greatest service to your awakening and embodiment?

Be true to yourself.

The ways in which societal pressures push you out of alignment with yourself can be painful. Stay grounded and true to yourself, your wisdom, your integrity, and alignment. With each scheduling decision, request for your time or energy, etc., you get to ask:

  • What is in the greatest alignment for me at this time?
  • What is in the highest service to all – others and myself?

I’m looking forward to the months ahead and getting to see what you all create. What can be new now? How can we choose a different road that benefits ourselves more as well as the greater whole of creation? There are some fun possibilities afoot. I look forward to creating this new reality with you.

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