You have a purpose that’s bigger than you. You are tired of business as usual; you are called to Conscious Business. You want success on your terms, in a way that is meaningful and purposeful. You know you are here to do things differently and create a new paradigm in this world. It’s time for you to be all that you are called to be – awake, clear, compassionate, strong, and empowered in your mission.

But, you’re probably hitting a challenge right now in your career. Maybe one of these is true for you:

  • You are at a crossroads with your business; you have some big decisions to make but can’t clearly see the road ahead.
  • You are longing for a more alive, meaningful career but aren’t sure how to make the transition.
  • You are having conflicts with your colleagues, employees, or boss.
  • You are overwhelmed with work.
  • You don’t feel your customers, team, bosses, or investors fully value your work or mission.
  • You don’t feel like your knowledge, experience, and authority are fully respected.

Any and all of these challenges are a threshold of possibility for you. When you take them as an opportunity, you can break through to the next level professionally and spiritually.

As a spiritual business coach, I have spent the last 15 years supporting people like you who are called to spiritual awakening but also want to make an impact through their work.

I will support you by:

  • Guiding you to create a powerful, aligned vision for your business or career.
  • Activating your purpose and helping you execute it with alignment, wisdom, compassion, and integrity.
  • Helping you break through hidden emotional or energetic obstacles.
  • Cultivating your inner wisdom as a tool for clarity, guidance, and spiritual connection.
  • Empowering your inner authority and executive presence.
  • Teaching you creative pathways to resolve conflicts and create new relationships at work.
  • Helping you own your time and energy so you can experience a flow of productivity.
  • Teaching you to craft stories that motivate and inspire your team, bosses, investors, or clients.

At the same time, I will help you awaken to Divine Wisdom and Truth; bring your core spiritual values with you to work; use work as a spiritual teaching; and help you create Success with Soul.

“Sonya has been a tremendous resource and help in helping me navigate and get clearer, more free and empowered in my personal life and in my work life. She has a great gift of insight and ability to listen deeply to what is going on and to see underneath the surface to unconscious patterns. I highly recommend her to friends and colleagues. Thank you, Sonya!”

C.R., Business Development Director

“Sonya has supported and called forth the best in my leadership at work and in the world. Through her gift of seeing and her breadth of knowledge, she is able to mirror reality and challenge assumptions in such a way that giant shifts and learning can happen and very quickly. Out of working with her, I have been able to know and leverage my own gifts, to communicate and work more effectively and to create transformation around me.”

S.D., Social Sector Executive

“Sonya has been instrumental to my career success over the course of several years, providing expert guidance and thought partnership over the wide range of topics arising for a tech executive and entrepreneur building and leading a highly dynamic team. When the time came, I brought Sonya in as coach for my leadership team individually and as a unit, where she effectively helped us navigate the ever-increasing demands and challenges of our work with a grace and wisdom we surely would not have achieved without her. Furthermore, she has facilitated a number of broader team-wide exercises, thoughtfully cultivating a culture of open communication and innovation necessary for exploratory work. Sonya is a uniquely gifted, experienced, and wise coach with whom any person or organization will be fortunate to work.” 

PP, Tech Entrepreneur and Executive

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