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Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time: 9AM to 4PM

Fee: $200 (25% of proceeds will be donated to Flag Ranch)

Location: Video Conference Online via Zoom

In this experiential workshop, explore how you can use storytelling in your work to support better connection, communication, and authenticity. Learn how story supports marketing, sales, team building, productivity, authentic leadership, project management and more. You will learn about:

  • Different ways you can use storytelling in business
  • Key principles to craft and tell a good story
  • Different types of stories you can use
  • How to integrate stories, anecdotes, or metaphors into presentations

Sonya will guide you to craft and practice your own unique story that you can use in your work.

A conscious business coach for 15 years, Sonya uses her experience as a professional storyteller to help her clients leverage the power of storytelling to improve communication, attract resources, motivate teams, and step up as better leaders. She teaches Storytelling for Business at companies throughout the Bay Area and teaches regularly through Google’s TheaterArts program. (www.awakenatwork.com)

Minimum: 7, Maximum: 15

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