Workshops & Team Trainings

My mission is to support teams and organizations to create authentic and vital culture, communication, collaboration, mission, and purpose to maximize their contribution and impact.

To that end, I create customized workshops for each team or company. Here are some samples of workshops that I have customized and curated:

  • Storytelling for Business
  • Empowered Leadership for Women
  • Visioning New Possibilities
  • Human Herd: Collaboration in the Real World
  • Creating Conscious Culture
  • Conscious Communication
  • Team and Relationship Building
  • Annual Retreats

Read more details below or schedule an intro call with me to explore what your team needs.

Storytelling for Business

  • Create a narrative around your mission or project that is compelling and motivating
  • Learn tools and tricks to create a compelling, evocative story
  • Learn to speak with confidence, clarity, and executive presence
  • Build stronger, more authentic bonds with your team
  • Create compelling presentations that inspire support and action

Empowered Leadership for Women

  • Own your voice, truth, and expertise
  • Learn how to authentically represent your authority
  • Identify and release inhibiting cultural conditioning
  • Understand your super powers – what you do that no one else can do in the same way
  • Embrace the service you are called to give

Visioning New Possibilities

I will lead your team through a series of visioning exercises that will help you:

  • Expand into possibilities, big-picture thinking
  • Tap into the wisdom of the group to harness gems and refined clarity
  • Create a map of practical next steps
  • Empower each individual to see their right role and contribution
  • Create team excitement and energy for next steps

Human Herd: Collaboration in the Real World

Using research from MIT and Harvard, we explore how the primal mammalian brain influences our relationships and collaboration at work, and how we can better relate, communicate, connect, and collaborate while understanding the diversity of our communities. 

Conscious Culture

  • Create guiding principles for your team or organization’s culture
  • Vision the reality of living and embodying these principles
  • Name challenges and opportunities to overcome the challenges of living the principles
  • Create a system of check-ins and self-assessment
  • Build a culture of continuous upgrades and improvements

Conscious Communication

Most people are unconscious in their communication skills, especially when they aren’t taking into account differences of race, culture, gender, etc. To create more natural and authentic communication that serves the best collaboration, we explore: 

  • Principles of healthy communication
  • The vast diversity of our communities
  • When and how to employ empathy and attunement
  • Visioning and practicing communication upgrades
  • Thinking through best practices with different audiences (team, company, customers, partners, etc.)

Team and Relationship Building

Often the key to successful team building is creating a container for the day that includes the right location, time in nature, unstructured time to connect, as well as some structured exercises. I have done many different types of team-building exercises, here are just a few examples:

  • Sharing a story of a time you overcame a challenge
  • Writing and sharing a mission-origin story: A story of why you do what you do and how you got to now.
  • Naming your personal relationship to the company’s mission and the story behind it (why you do what you do)
  • Equine Facilitated trainings
  • Improv or theater exercises

Annual Retreats

Annual team or company retreats are an important time to come together, celebrate wins, clarify new growth opportunities, build relationships, and create a vision for the year ahead. Each organization has unique needs for their annual retreats, but here’s a sample of topics we might cover:

  • Celebrating small and large victories
  • Creative team-building storytelling exercises
  • Customized leadership training
  • Equine Facilitated leadership experience
  • Visioning possibilities for the year ahead
  • Committing to growth opportunities and goals

“Sonya came to us highly recommended for her facilitation skills and she exceeded my already lofty expectations. Many attendees were meeting for the first time and Sonya quickly put them at ease and drew them into important conversations about weighty topics.  She did so with compassion and affirmation, and deftly guided the sessions to actionable outcomes. I could not have been more pleased that we chose Sonya and look forward to working with her again.”

R.M., Vice President

“Sonya’s coaching, workshops and trainings are absolutely first rate! She offers a terrific mix of technical expertise and personal insights in a way that challenges our team to navigate new material without being overwhelmed. Sonya has the unique ability to meet people where they are and that includes when she is working with a group.  I honestly can’t imagine a better coach!”

W.M., Executive Director

“Sonya led a transformative retreat for a team of 30+ leaders within our nonprofit organization, and the positive impact of that experience has continued to resonate. Her keen insight and extensive expertise strengthened our team and empowered them to lead their teams more effectively. Sonya quickly understood the dynamics within our organization, provided space for respectful and brave dialogue, and facilitated conversations that led to significant transformation. On a personal level, she’s delightful and easy to work with, and she has a unique ability to support both individuals and teams simultaneously. Thanks to Sonya, our teams and the leadership within them are stronger and more cohesive. Thank you, Sonya!”

E.O., Vice President