A Conscious Definition of Business

When I was in high school and college, I resented the business world. I was a spiritual artist at that time in my life, and the business world seemed to be against everything I valued most. I associated it with greed, manipulation, sexism, racism, and a disregard of the sacred. It’s no wonder I had made these confused conclusions – my limited exposure to the business world at that point had been less than positive, including watching my parents suffer in relationship to business.

I certainly had a lot of support for my judgment. I have met countless people in spiritual or artistic communities who feel similarly.

But the Universe would not let me keep this judgment and bias. For various reasons I was thrust into the world of business, and I had to humbly learn that business doesn’t have to be about the dark, shadowy elements of human ego. Later, I was further humbled when I learned that, actually, I love the world of business – when it is done consciously.

In my work as a spiritual healer, shaman, and teacher, business leaders started seeking me out for counsel and support. I started studying conscious business on my own. Then finally one day I saw it – a new definition of business without ego:

“Business is a system and structure of expression and exchange.”

That’s it. That light. That fundamental. The key is what we do with this basic system and structure. Do we use it by ego, for ego? Or do we use the systems and structures consciously for Consciousness – and for the benefit of all beings?

Business in its fundamental function can empower us to share critical ideas; to create new services and products; to foster evolution in our communities. Business can be the vehicle through which we realize our divinely guided missions and purposes. Business can be the container for sacred creative collaboration.

And it all starts with you as an individual. When you bring your intention for truth, wisdom, and love to your work, you invite conscious engagement from others around you. The more aligned you are with your true calling and movement, the more you are empowered to use business in a sacred way.

So I want to invite you into the paradigm of reclaiming the sacred in business. I want to invite you to allow the brilliance of your conscious awareness to be fully present every day you are at work. I want to invite you to fully express all the gifts and skills you are here to share. It is not only a gift to you, but a gift to all those around you.

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