Does Your Spiritual Journey Have Impact At Work?

When we are in alignment with spiritual Truth in our lives, it has a broader impact than our spiritual practice, or even our families and friends. Human beings are very sensitive to energies, more than we consciously realize. When we deepen our spiritual journey and become more in harmony with God/Oneness, people around us, even at work, can feel the difference. They sometimes don’t know what that difference is or why it’s there, but they can feel something is different.

When sharing this concept with a client recently, she immediately reflected on the feedback she’s been getting from different colleagues; they’ve been telling her how unique and valuable her presence and perspective are. The first time I learned this lesson it completely took me by surprise – it happened years ago on my last day of work at a Silicon Valley software company.

A director in my department, who I did not report to but occasionally had meetings with, called me into his office. I was surprised and a bit intrigued; though I got along with him just fine, he was often perceived as a difficult personality. I don’t even think I sat down in a chair before he told me how much he’d miss me in the office, because my presence was so peaceful, I brought peace to any meeting I was in. My jaw was on the floor. I had begun awakening while working there but had not shared that with anyone. I had no idea that other people were feeling the impact of my awakening journey, and he was probably the last person I thought would notice. What a gift and a great teaching to receive his reflection! I am grateful to him to this day.

From that experience and through many experiences through the years, I’ve learned something quite fascinating, which I recently shared with my client in session:
“There are more people than we realize who really want to go Home, in the deepest spiritual sense. Maybe they can’t put words to it, or they don’t know how, or they don’t know they have permission to go Home. For those individuals, having someone who is already home right in front of them in a business meeting can give them a sense of safety and permission to find their own unique way home.”

In so many ways, all you have to do is be yourself and follow your own journey Home to Oneness. It can be a gift for you and all those around you.

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