Storytelling for Business

Do you know that we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s embedded in a story? The human brain is wired for story. Unfortunately, in our wired culture, we are slowly losing the art of oral storytelling. It is a critical communication tool for business, but it’s also the skill that most people don’t fully develop.

As my clients have learned the foundational principles of effective storytelling, they have used their storytelling skills to:

  • Double their fundraising
  • Uplift and motivate a demoralized or unfocused team
  • Communicate the human impact behind the data
  • Gain executive and peer support for their projects
  • Convey their successes and growth in order to get promoted, hired, etc.
  • Enroll devoted, loyal customers

There are many ways to use storytelling to uplift your work. Here are just a few ways I support my clients:

Storytelling for Leaders

Good leadership requires powerful action and clear, consistent communication. Story is a cornerstone communication tool that can help you to:

  • Build empathy and trust within your team
  • Effortlessly represent your authority and expertise
  • Illustrate your vision
  • Map how you will overcome challenges.

Storytelling for Powerful Presentations

You may be clear on your data and content, but will your audience fully understand it and get excited about it? Story is the critical ingredient to your presentation that will wake up and engage your listeners. You can use the elements of story to:

  • Create a compelling narrative arc to your presentation
  • Give data a human face
  • Educate more effectively than with slides and data alone
  • Create memorable imagery that will stay with your audience
  • Motivate your listeners to take action.

Storytelling to Convey Your Mission and Values

A mission or values statement is empty when it’s just a series of bullet points. It’s not real to someone until they can visualize and feel it. The best way to convey your mission or values is to make it visible and emotional through story. Story can:

  • Make the mission feel real to your team, stakeholders, customers and clients
  • Help people understand you and why the mission is so important
  • Motivate employees, investors, or donors to take action and participate in your vision.

I will teach you the foundational elements of a good story and the tools to be a compelling storyteller.

How do you want to learn the art of storytelling in your work? We can:

  • Customize a team training or workshop, and/or
  • Hone your presentations or stories in 1:1 sessions

Let’s talk! Email me to set up a free consultation.

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“One of the hardest aspects of what I do is explaining what I do. Sonya helped me build an aligned and relevant story that helps me communicate my work. She has a tremendous ability to listen and hold detail. I appreciated how well she held space for our group in the vulnerability of sharing our individual stories. The best takeaway from the workshop? That my story mattered.”

SH, Equine Facilitator

“Working with Sonya has been remarkably valuable for me personally and professionally. Of all the consultants I’ve worked with, Sonya has uniquely demonstrated an ability to be simultaneously empathetic and goal-driven. Her insights, encouragement, training, and high expectations for me have enabled me to clearly define and begin to achieve my own honest vision of success.”

KW, Strategic Advisor