Representing Success and Contribution – Selflessly

Selfless Successes & Contributions

For my clients with spiritual values, accurately and clearly representing their successes, contributions, and value to a company or to customers can be extremely difficult. We have a value for humility – a beautiful thing – and an aversion to arrogance. We don’t want to puff up our egos! At the same time, if we … Read more

Three Principles for Healthy Conversations About Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Mindful Business Equity Diversity Inclusion

I’m profoundly grateful that we are expanding our conversations about systemic racism in our workplaces. It is bringing up a lot for my clients, both individuals and organizations. In our sessions, we are returning repeatedly to the importance of good communication skills. The stakes and emotions are really high. As a result, it’s easy to … Read more

Reclaiming the Sacred in Business – Video

Reclaiming the sacred in business by Sonya at SAND 2018

This video explores: The liberating, simple definition of business How to choose business by and for Divine Consciousness Conscious Entrepreneurs and Secret Agents of Awareness in all industries The principles of Sacred Business Stories about awakening at work – and the ripple effects in community This video begins with a story about how I went … Read more

A Conscious Definition of Business

A Conscious Definition of Business by Sonya Amrita

When I was in high school and college, I resented the business world. I was a spiritual artist at that time in my life, and the business world seemed to be against everything I valued most. I associated it with greed, manipulation, sexism, racism, and a disregard of the sacred. It’s no wonder I had … Read more

Why Awakening and Work Are Not Separate

Why Awakening and Work Are Not Separate by Sonya Amrita

There’s a limiting belief in our communities that inhibits your awakening and your true potential at work. I’m talking about the common and confused belief that work and awakening are separate. If you believe that you can’t bring your Awakened Wisdom, Truth and Love to work, you limit work. If you think that awakening only … Read more

Awakening and Life Are Not Separate – Video

Awakening and Life Are Not Separate – Video by Sonya Amrita

I want to bust the illusions that any area of life is separate from God! In this video, I explore the little “exceptions” your mind makes that keep you in ego consciousness and prevent you from living a truly liberated, awakened life. Enjoy! And if this resonates for you, please share this with your community. … Read more