Why Awakening and Work Are Not Separate

There’s a limiting belief in our communities that inhibits your awakening and your true potential at work. I’m talking about the common and confused belief that work and awakening are separate.

If you believe that you can’t bring your Awakened Wisdom, Truth and Love to work, you limit work. If you think that awakening only happens in meditation or on retreat and never at work, you limit your awakening and embodiment.

You don’t have to be religious at work. You don’t have to chant Om in your staff meetings, or have photos of Jesus or Ramana Maharshi in your cube, unless that’s true and aligned for you and your work culture.

Instead, you can be awake at work – which means you bring the best of your Consciousness, Presence, Wisdom, Truth, Compassion and Peace to work.

Think about how this could change your day-to-day experience of your work. My clients and I experience this in an infinite number of ways; here are a few examples. Imagine that:

  • You step out of a stressful situation, ask yourself what’s really true, see the truth, let go, and rediscover peace.
  • You resolve work conflicts with truth and compassion
  • You can access Inner Wisdom for the solutions that your mind can’t see on its own.
  • You have compassion for yourself and others when you make mistakes, while honoring a greater standard of integrity and truth.
  • You feel aligned in what you do and you are doing what you are called to do.

This – and more – is possible when you awaken at work.

Wouldn’t you love it if your colleagues, staff, or boss were clearer, reasonable and rational, more conscious and compassionate? It starts with you. If you’d like others to be more conscious and aware, then your opportunity is to lead by example.

You can and will still be imperfect as we all are, but when you are awakening at work you leave behind old predictable habits and find new, innovative pathways of possibility. You are more likely to solicit greater wisdom and insight from others. You are more likely to create a community that builds on strengths rather than feeding on insecurities.

It’s not just your potential at work that improves. Awakening at work also fosters and catalyzes your spiritual path.

Lots of people can sit in meditation in the comfort of their own home or on retreat and have experiences of Oneness. But to experience Oneness while you are in a meeting, in front of the computer, or on the phone at work is a whole different thing. When you set the intention to awaken at work, it allows you to truly see the absence of separation – it allows you to experience that God is here within you and all around you always, in any and every condition, including a crazy day at work.

This is groundbreaking. This shatters the cultural beliefs that work isn’t spiritual or sacred, and the beliefs that you have to go up to a mountain to wake up. God is everywhere, all the time. Your golden opportunity to come to peace in your own heart and awaken to Divinity just might be in the place where you least expect it – every day at work.

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