In a bind with something with your job? Access Divine Source & find tangible solutions.

No matter how “not creative” your job may seem, your work can be part of your creative expression. The creative force can actually be one of the most powerful assets you have. When you are in a bind, conflict, or just trying to solve something that appears to be a mystery, engaging the creative mind can be key to resolving conflicts and seeing solutions you might not have seen before. Creativity is not just about art – it is about innovative thinking and ideas. It’s also an essential part of creation, Life all around you. Your creativity is part of a much bigger movement of creation in the universe, so when you connect to it, you are also accessing a bigger potential that just your personal mind.

Here are three key ways to unlock our creative potential at work:

Step back and relax

Sometimes just taking a deep breath and relaxing starts the creative thinking process. There’s a reason more large corporations are offering yoga at work – a relaxed body and mind is an innovative and productive body/mind. This does not require an hour of yoga or a 30-minute break – it can happen in seconds. Stepping back and relaxing starts with a quick and simple choice we make in our minds – pause, breathe, set an intention to connect with the creative force… and be open to what happens next.

Change what you are literally seeing

Take a walk around the block, go get a cup of tea, just step away from the “drawing board” and change your vision. Set an intention to clear your mind and see things in a new way.

Don’t be too attached to the results you want

When you aren’t attached to the results you are freer to allow your creative mind to kick in and show you solutions you might not have seen before. When we are attached to certain results, our minds tend to get locked in and can’t see past a very narrow range of possibilities. There’s a subtle difference between intention and attachment; attachment usually means gripping something very tightly (and losing peripheral vision), while intention means holding something with an open hand and being open to what else might come your way – that might be even better. Intention can evoke creative flow, while attachment can block it.

The creative energy is part of our flow and connection to the universe; it’s a key element of your essential nature. When you allow it to move freely, then you will feel more connected, more grounded, and empowered. Enjoy accessing your potential every day!

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