Are You Free to Stand In Your Power At Work?

We have a challenging experience of power in our culture, which I can sum up as domination over another human being. When you are present in Big Love, staying in your truth, and you have a commitment to integrity, you leave behind the paradigm of domination and step into a different world of power at work. If you are on a spiritual path, it could be that not standing in your power is holding you back, both in your career and in your spiritual growth.

What is the new world of power?

When it’s not domination over someone or something else, power becomes more like em-powerment. Power is when you are not holding yourself back – but you’re not holding anyone else back either. It’s when you are secure enough in yourself that you can represent yourself fully and allow your potential to flow without making yourself small – and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

How can you be free to stand in your power?

Freedom to stand in your power is first about permission to let yourself be all that you are. Acknowledging your gifts and strengths, your talent and potential, is part of receiving God’s gift for you and part of allowing yourself to be free. It sounds so obvious and simple, but it’s amazing how many of us need to hear it again so we can integrate it deeply.

Once you acknowledge your gifts, you have to surrender all the old stories you’ve had since childhood that your gifts should be hidden, squelched, diminished, devalued, etc. Just toss those stories out the window! You get to choose what you want more – the old stories that hold you back, or the truth of who you are.

True humility is the key.

False humility is self-dismissal. True humility doesn’t dismiss ourselves or our talents, it just acknowledges where we have yet to grow, what we have yet to learn. It actually opens doors of possibilities for growth, rather than shutting doors because we “aren’t good or worthy enough.” Acknowledging what you want and need to learn helps people respect you when you are simultaneously standing in your power and acknowledging your strengths. When you are dismissing yourself in any way, you’ll find that other people will disrespect and disregard you too.

You can’t wake up to God/Oneness without embracing yourself.

We associate power with our egos, but paradoxically if we dismiss any part of life, including ourselves, we hold Oneness at arm’s length and block the flow of life. Embrace the greater freedom of self-acceptance and empowerment!

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